Guy shits himself in marathon but ignores it!

Winners never quit, and quitters never win! Photo taken during 'Goteborgsvarvet' in Sweden in 2006.
The running man was 18 years old that time and he reached the finishing line number 21.

Interview with said runner

Guy shits himself in marathon but ignores it!

Interviewer - A week after the race of people are still talking about Mikael ekvall. The question is whether it is an achievment or crazy just to run covered in poo.

Mikael - there is not so much to do about it, you just do it?

Interviewer - Have you ever thought about quitting the race?

Mikael - no .. well thought about it, but it's not on the map to actually do it.

Interviewer - but honestly, how much fun is it to run in the street covered in poo?

Mikael - it's not fun, but once you've won a race you know the feeling and want to get that feeling again, it's a simple as that.

Interviewer - 18 years old Mikael running for Strömstads idrottsklubb and this is his second marathon. It was only after a few miles, he felt the problem foods. Did you know you consider stopping to clean off?

Mikael - No, I lose time.

Interviewer - Where did you get this winner instinct?

Mikael - I do not know. Maybe from my father and my coach. These are really tough and I want to be like them.

Interviewer - Mikael finished in 1:09:41 and finished with a 21 admireable area. This weekend she tried out for the world cup in her age group and qualified. And he will not leave the race either.

Mikael - if you quit once it is easy to do it again and again and again. It becomes a habit. Leave for lesser reasons. I think.

Interviewer - You want to do the same thing again?

Mikael - yes, if I had to.