Health Warning: These Are The Areas In our Body Where We Should Never Put Our Cell Phones As It Can Worsen Our Health

In our generation with the most outstanding technology being developed, our community largely requires the necessity of handling a mobile phone in case of any circumstances.

Health Warning: These Are The Areas In our Body Where We Should Never Put Our Cell Phones As It Can Worsen Our Health

Our modern technology believes that in order to get the satisfaction rate by their valued customers, they have to perform with outermost and advanced intelligence.

However, despite giving us comfy life with their ability to make advances in our technology, they refuse to tell us the disadvantages and harmful effects our devices may contribute to us.

Furthermore, this article will show you how it would extremely affect our health while using their discovery of these advanced technologies.

This is the places or areas where we should never put our mobile phones in our body:

1. Never put your handy mobile phones inside your bra as it may cause Breast cancer

This is one of the most reasonable theories for understanding different health issues including breast cancer. The cancer-causing properties of radiation may lead to breast cancer whenever you tend to hide your mobile phone inside your breast. It can end up with a multi-focal breast cancer. 

In fact, this is one of the most reasonable theories for understanding the different health impacts, including cancer. In fact, there was a possibility that can cause you an onset of cancer; it is by connecting the dots which perfectly lined up a cause of mobile phone putting inside.

2. It is always important to bear in your mind, avoid placing your mobile phones inside your pocket unless you don't have any option to keep it. You can keep it in.

It can affect our urinary bladder and can cause multiple disorder such as UTI, constipation, abdominal pain and much more. It is because of the heat caused by radiation and the lithium battery being discharged from the device.

Although we can't prove that cell phone can cause cancer cells become more active. We should always avoid this habit of placing our phones inside our pocket.

3. Whenever going to sleep, never place your mobile phone under your pillow or near your head.

It can trigger the possibilities of acquiring brain damage and tumors. The radiation of our device says it all; this damaging element can severely give us nightmare we would never believe it would happen.

4. An extensive use of cell phones can significantly affect the fertility and health of males when put in between the belt.

When cell phones are fastened to the belts, the radiation does not only affect the reproductive organs, but other sensitive organs in that particular are such as kidneys, liver, bladder and colon. All of these organs are highly susceptible to radiation.

Bear in mind that keeping your mobile phone close to your body can cause serious harm to your overall health. So, where you should keep your cell phone?

The answer is quite simple; you shouldn’t have it at least 6 inches away from your body.