If Ever You See This Kind of Bug At Your Home, Kill It Before It Kills You or Someone In Your Family!

This kind of bug which is called as "TRIATOMINES" also known as kissing bugs, it may trick you as a friendly creature because of its unique name and description, but you don't know the consequences it may give you.

If Ever You See This Kind of Bug At Your Home, Kill It Before It Kills You or Someone In Your Family!

Whenever you see this bug, you should be aware and extra careful with its harmful biting and sting habits as it may severely harm the bitten area such as the face, mouth or any sensitive part of the body.

According to a popular blogging site which is the Elite Readers, this bug "TRIATOMINES" are being attracted by carbon dioxide release by humans, or blood being produced by a human.

These bugs are commonly found places of ground burrows or they usually dwell on a tree, surrounding the human shelters.

These bugs behavior are mostly aggregate refuges during the day while they are seeking blood for food at night. When they are disturbed or destruct, they will produce a pungent odor.

This little bug passes along a serious parasitic infection known as Chagas Disease to both animals and human that can suddenly result in congestive heart disease.

If you ever have seen this kind of bug at your home or outside your house that has been touch or comes near you, probably, it may follow these symptoms:

1. Weakness of Entire body
2. Poor body coordination and loss of focus
3. Jerky movements and seizures
4. Diarrhea
5. Swollen abdomen
6. Loss of appetite
7. Depression
8. Abnormal heartbeat rate

An early detection and diagnosis are necessary because the infectious disease which is Chagas Disease is known to be very deadly and silent killer.

If you left it untreated, the victim might develop chronic complications such as heart and intestinal diseases, difficulty and lack of breathing, and even death of a victim.