Are you suffering from the problem of kidney stones? Read this article and you will be guided on how to treat and prevent this kind of health condition .But First, what is kidney stone?

Kidney stones are a small and solid particle build up in the kidney that produced by mineral and acid salt combination. This condition may lead to serious kidney problems.

Kidney disease is the most common reasons of death today especially in the United States. It is reportedly that kidney disease become more active than breast and prostate cancer in killing more people.

Person with improper food diet has the high risk of forming kidney stones. Too much consumption of meat and less consumption of veggies may lead to kidney stone build up. Not enough consumption of water and dehydration is also a common cause of kidney stones.

You will notice a kidney stone when your urine is forming more crystalline substance like oxalate, uric acid and calcium that will reduces the fluid in your urine. Kidney stones can be treated by intake medication when it diagnose immediately. But a worse case of kidney stone need a serious medical attention such as kidney stone surgery.

Did you know that you can prevent and treat kidney stone by consuming foods that rich in potassium citrate? According to the study lemon is the best natural treatment for kidney stone because it is high in potassium citrate. This method is called lemonade therapy.

How does lemon work on kidney stones?

Lemon has a citric acid compound that Stop the stone from forming and destroy the stone that starting to form. It will protect the kidney and stop other elements from forming a harmful stones. Thus, having more citric acid to your urine will makes you more protected to other ailments that may cause kidney stones.

We will teach you how to prepare a natural and effective lemonade therapy drink that can effectively remove kidney stones. It doesn’t require expensive ingredients. The only ingredient we need is a organic fresh lemon.

Procedure and Usage:
Cut a lemon and get 2 ounce of lemon extract. Add the pure lemon extract to a 6 oz. of distilled water and mix well. You can divided the mixture in two parts and drink one half cup in the morning and other half cup in the evening to reach the desired amount of lemonade therapy. It will help to increase the amount of citric acid to your urine to treat and prevent kidney stones.