The Cancer Dies When You Eat These Foods. Time To Start Eating Them

Did you know that consuming natural foods that is rich in essential nutrients can kill cancer? This article will give you tips on how to protect your body from this kind of plague disease. Cancer is a common cause of death nowadays. It requires a lot of money in order to survive, but sometimes, even you spend all of your money in medication it still doesn’t work. 

Chemotherapy is a common treatment for cancer it kills the cancer cell that grows inside your body. Some cases of cancer that undergo to chemotherapy survive for just a short period of time because chemo can only kill cancer cell but it can’t prevent it from coming back.

According to some scientist, aside from chemotherapy, there are several natural foods that are very effective in fighting cancer. Those foods are work by inhibiting the supply of blood to cancer cells that may result in killing those cancer cells. They contain anti-angiogenesis properties that can help in preventing the supply of nutrients and blood to cancer cells that may result for the cancer cells to die and to stop spreading in the body.

 Angiogenesis is a process of creating blood vessels in the body.  Cancer cells can get nutrients and oxygen through the blood vessels. Therefore, eating those foods will stop the vascular cell development to stop forming of new blood vessels in order for the cancer cell to get weaken and die.



It is rich in anti-angiogenesis properties because of the lycopene it contains. The effectiveness of this veggie wills increases when cooked in high temperature and become a powerful treatment for cancer.


Curry has very nutritious ingredients called turmeric. It contains curcumin a compound that is very effective in killing cancer cells. It destroys the cancer cells without damaging the healthy cells.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is made up of cocoa bean that is rich in flavanols. Flavanol is a good source of antioxidants. It can protect the healthy cells from damage.

Red Wine

It is a very beneficial drink that can cure numerous kinds of diseases. Red wine is made of grapefruit that is rich in resveratrol. A compound that is also rich in antioxidants that effective in preventing cancer cells.

It can also use in treating cancer because it has antioxidants called pterostilbene that can lower the rate of cancerous damage in the body.

Green Tea 

The antioxidant in green tea is stronger than Vitamin C and Vitamin E that make them effective in preventing cancer cells in the body.