Did you know that body gesture can reveal something about your personality? According to some psychologist, you can determine the capacity, personality, and intention of a person through the position of their legs while they are sitting. 

Every each of us has a usual different position in sitting that reveals our secrets and personality. Some of us sit while one leg is lying to another leg, some sit with widely open legs, legs are being apart from each other, legs being contiguous together in a side position, and the knee is close together with legs apart from each other. That position can be helpful in determining what kind of person are you. 

What position in sitting you usually do? This article will determine the secrets of your personality and your intention through your sitting position. Here is the significance of your sitting position.

Position A

In this sitting position, your knee is close while legs are apart, this means that you are artistic, captivating, alluring and a little bit immature. You're a kind of a person that hate problems you just let your problem pass away instead of giving a solution, you divert your attention to other things to avoid stressing yourself and spend most of your time on more important things. Sometimes you speak recklessly without thinking that you're hurting someone's feelings and then realize in the end that you're wrong and you will feel regret.

Position B

Try to observe some person who sits with one of their legs is lying on their other legs. That person with that kind of sitting position is a smart person.  When you notice that you always did that sitting position you probably belong to the group of intelligent people. You are a dreamer and you always create a brilliant idea that makes you popular to your field. You are adventurous and friendly. You easily get tired in an unhappy relationship and toxic office.

Position C

Sitting position with wide open legs is those who have the untidy environment. When you sit this way you are a deep thinkerYouand you can’t focus on one thing. Your a type of person that want to make everything in order. Before you buy a thing you think of it many times before you decide. Your are very choosy in buying things for yourself.

Position D

This position shows that legs are apart from each other. It means that you are anti-social you hate to deal with other people. You are not a showy and you cant express your feelings in public. You hate late, thus, in your office they always call you “early bird”. Your are a bright and liable person and peaceful environment is important to you.You may want act vulgar. 

Position E

In this position, legs are close and in a side position. If you always did this sitting position, it means that you have a good patience. You can wait for a right thing to happen. You are an achieverYouand you thrive until you get what you want. You have less self-confidence and self-insecurities. Your physical look is very important to you. 

Now you know the meaning of those sitting position. What sitting position and personality you belong? This article only shows a guide in determining what kind of people are you. Share this to your friend for them to know what sitting position and personality will suit them.