11 Things People With Hidden Depression Do, No.9 Is Devastating

Depression is a severe psychological disorder. As years go by more and more people are affected by depression. There are people who suffer from depression they hide, and they usually fight their own struggles without letting anyone know.

Living in modern times, we tend to suppress what we feel instead of sharing with other people. But, not talking about our problems is not a solution. If you want to help someone suffering from depression you should know the signs of hidden depression.

1. Talented People

There are many famous people who have struggled with this problem. Talented people can turn the pain into power and inspiration. Probably you have heard that Robin Williams, Sarah Silverman, as well as Jim Carrey, have or used to have depression.

2. They Seek Meaning In Life

Actually, each of us looks for their life’s purpose. We want to know is what we are doing in life is worthwhile. However, people suffering from depression as a result of their high anxiety they become obsessed with life questions.

Knowing if the things they do are valuable feeds something deep inside them. Also, they may become involved in the search for happiness in order to fill the empty holes they feel.

3. They Cry For Help

Everyone needs help from other people from time to time. So, if you notice that a person that is close to you often feels like crying, but does not, you should try talk to them.

When you bond with that person, the trust will become stronger, and you would be able to help them. But, keep in mind that you should not force them.

4. Sleeping Issues

People with depression tend to stay in bed and sleep many hours, even days, without a problem. Also, there are days when they may struggle with inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep. And, sleeping is very important because the brain gets a chance to regenerate.

5. They Are Afraid That Someone May Leave Them

Being abandoned is painful for everyone. When someone who means something to us leaves us, that may hurt us badly. People with depression usually feel this pain 100 times stronger than others.

So, to avoid the pain, depressed people tend to stay away from people, and no one would abandon them. Sometimes, when they let someone in, and they learn about their condition they may leave them which makes them feel even worse.

6. They Have Their Treatments

No matter how hard it feels, people with depression have their own ways to treat themselves. For instance, some of them may hit the gym, watch movies, go for a walk, listen to music etc. While doing these things they feel better about themselves.

7. Unusual Eating Habits

Depression can affect people’s eating habits. Some people tend to eat a lot, some may eat a little, and some may not eat at all. Even if eating habits are a small sign of depression, it is a serious one.

Eating proper food on a regular basis is very important for our health. Not eating enough or at all, may affect our physical and mental health in a negative way.

8. They Are Pessimistic

Depression and intelligence are deeply connected and that is a gift and a curse at the same time. These people tend to see life in a pessimistic way as well.

When life throws at them with something, they have a strong response, but when it comes to finding solutions, they can be great at it.

9. They Can Fake Being Okay

When people with depression want to hide their true emotional state from the world, they do it successfully. In fact, these people are excellent at covering their mood, and they are capable to put a smile on their face whenever they need it.

They do this because they feel scared to show how they really feel.

10. Finding Excuses

When someone notices how these people feel, they can immediately think of something to hide themselves. They are excellent at inventing stories to keep safe their true feelings.

For example, they may say they are feeling tired and they need to take nap, to make you leave them at peace.

11. They Cannot Cool Off Their Mind

Living at a high speed makes these people’s brains to go crazy. They have so many thoughts going on in their heads, and they are capable of analyzing everything deeply. They overthink everything.

If you have someone in your life in which you noticed the signs mentioned above, you should try getting closer to them, and try to help them. Depression may be scary, but it is treatable.