8 Things That Triggers The Risk Of Ruptured Brain Aneurysm

Sufficient amount of oxygen is needed for the nerve cells to function in the brain.If the there any reduction that amount of oxygen occurs then it may lead to cell death. And if not treat that urgently that would be deadly.

People get confused between a cerebrovascular accident or stroke and an aneurysm. A stroke means that the brain can’t receive oxygen for its cells to function and survive.And a ruptured aneurysm can cause a stroke.

The flow of the blood stops reaching to a specific part of a brain either by a ruptured blood vessel or a blockage that result in stroke.

When the artery that carries oxygenated blood becomes weak due to a swelling or lump, then an aneurysm happens.

When blood exerts pressures on a wall, the artery becomes thin and it may cause the rupturing of a bulge.Aneurysms occur in the most common site is the brain, which makes stroke one of the leading causes of death worldwide.A ruptured aneurysm releases blood into the spaces in the brain, causing subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH). If such thing happened urgently go to a doctor. There is 50% of chances that you can die because of this condition.

In a study published in the journal of the American Heart Association (AHA) Stroke, the scientists listed eight trigger factors that may increase the risk of a ruptured aneurysm.

So here are some triggers.

8. Being Angry

Anger is the only emotional risk that causes seven-fold increases in the risk of a brain bleed.In the state of anger or when you are so upset about anything, it will raise your blood pressure and which lead to an aneurysm. So try to control your anger and be patient.

7. Surprise Or Being Startled

Do you like horror movies? If yes then be careful because Being startled or shocked is a trigger factor for a ruptured aneurysm.Well if that is the case then being a surprise will also increase the risk.About 2.7 percent people suffer this. So be aware next time when you are watching a horror movie.

6. Drinking Cola

Cola and other carbonated drinks have been linked to having a ruptured aneurysm. Cola has caffeine and that triggered a rupture.There is total 3.5 percent who drink cola and increased the risk of an aneurysm.Coffee is also a factor that triggered brain bleed and with a higher chance.

5. Straining In The Toilet

Constipation can cause many problems and also trigger the rupture.The researchers found that straining to defecate may lead to a seven-fold increase in the risk of a ruptured aneurysm. Doctor recommend them to take laxatives to lower the risk. 3.6 percent of the population is at risk due to this factor.

4. Sexual Intercourse

Sex is a way of pleasure but it can also cause the brain bleed.The reason behind it that sex makes your brain active and light up and your blood pressure will rise.It has a population attributable risk of 4.3 percent, and it can increase the risk of a rupture 11.2 times while masturbation increased it 5.9 times.So if you suffer from a headache right after having sex then something is wrong. You should see your doctor Immediately.

3. Blowing The Nose

People suffering from brain aneurysms should be careful when they blow the nose because nose-blowing increases the threat of a burst aneurysm. Almost 5.4 percent of the population face this risk.

Our skull pressure increases whenever we cough or sneeze.These small activities may become the reason for your brain artery to burst. If someone has an allergy then it will be difficult for them to manage it.

2. Vigorous Physical Exercise

Exercise is really important for a healthy body. It not only helps us to reduce weight but also maintains our blood pressure.Heavy weight-lifting, straining and vigorous exercise may increase the blood pressure, leading to a burst aneurysm. It may a trigger to rupture your vessel.In simple words, extreme exertion can be the main cause to increase blood pressure. Even aerobics are not safe for the people suffering from unknown aneurysms.It has a population attributable risk of 7.9 percent.

As some people do not feel any symptom of aneurysms so they are unaware of the condition. So it is really important to get yourself thorougly checked by the doctor before you join any gym.

For a slim and fit body physical exercise is important. But if you are diagnosed with an aneurysm then just avoid it and any other physical exertion that may cause brain bleeding.

1.Drinking Coffee

Here is a bad news for coffee lovers!It also triggers a ruptured aneurysm. Wait a minute! People who are perfectly fine can drink as much coffee as they want.But the case with weakened blood vessel wall in the brain is different.

There is a higher risk of rupturing a brain aneurysm or a stroke when you drink coffee.And the reason is that coffee raises the blood pressure which is not good for people suffering from an aneurysm.The risk is 1.7 times higher in the hour after drinking a cup of coffee.