Are you currently one of those individuals who eat bananas in huge quantities and begin to think that they’ll start growing inside your stomach?

That happens to be a nice joke, but if you are in the habit of eating bananas on a regular basis by getting enough quantities, your body will simply thank you.

You can have bananas in so many ways like for example you can have them as a snack, eat them raw, or you can simply have bananas in many numbers of food recipes. They are used so many times to make smoothies, and we all know that smoothies aren’t much good without them.

Now we have a special banana drink recipe for you, which is going to help burn the fat around your belly. You need to know that the outcomes of consuming this drink tend to be visible for about one week, naturally, if you drink it on a regular basis.

It’s simply a fact that bananas are very rich in potassium. The actual potassium is essential to the entire body for creating strong muscle tissue and additionally it is rather good for eliminating the actual toxins from the body. Bananas will simply become much more helpful and effective when mixed with some other nutritional substances.

Try having this drink and speed up your metabolism which will help you burn the excess body fat. After drinking the recipe, you will see your fat melting away from your waist and belly. Right now, let’s have a look at this incredible recipe.


One banana
One of the following types of Greek yogurt like fat-free or low-fat, – half cup or glass
Ginger powder – 1/4 tablespoon
Whey protein powder – 2 tablespoons
Coconut oil – 1 tablespoon
Flaxseed – 2 tablespoons


Mix and blend all components together. For this, it is recommended to use a blender. When the blending is finished simply pour the contents into a glass and enjoy this incredible drink with lots of pleasure.

For best results, you should consume this particular mixture each morning. It will provide energy and many nutrients to your body, and it is also going to help make your day and mood so much better.

You can keep your current diet plan of course, but when you add this drink, it will greatly improve it.