How A Pinch Of Baking Soda Can Change Your Life In 11 Ways

Baking soda is used by most people, mainly for cooking and as medicine. It is made of sodium bicarbonate and it can boost the dough and add flavor and texture to it.

It was used for cleaning the yards and houses back in the past. It was firstly used for medical purposes in the 1920s. It is not expensive ingredient and it is available almost in every market. It is used as cosmetic product and as injury healer.

Here are some other baking soda uses:

Natural deodorant

The antiperspirants are rich in parabens and aluminum, so that is why you should use baking soda. Apply it under the armpits and the bad smell will be gone.

Poison ivy and insect bites

Mix baking soda and water and then, apply the mixture on the insect bites and it will prevent inching.

Ulcer pain/Indigestion/Heartburn

Mix half a glass of water and half and teaspoon of baking soda. Consume it every 2nd hour to treat ulcer pain, heartburn, indigestion and stomach acid.

Exfoliator and foot soak

Mix three tbs. of baking soda and warm water and soak the feet in. You can also make a paste and then scrub the feet to cleanse the skin.

Relaxing soak

Mix baking soda and ACV and soak the body in. You can use it to cleanse the bathtub with it afterwards.

Hand cleanser

Prepare a mixture of water and baking soda in 1:3 ratio and clean the hands. It will remove all the dirt and unpleasant smell.

Splinter removal

Prepare a mixture of water and one tbs. of baking soda and then apply the mixture on the affected area, two times a day to remove splinters in two days.

Sunburn treatment

Add ½ cup of baking soda in warm water and soak the body to treat sunburns. You can also sip a towel or cloth in it and apply it directly on the affected areas.

Tooth paste

It was proven by a study that baking soda can remove plaque and clean the teeth better that usual toothpaste. It also removes bacteria. Prepare a mixture of baking soda and salt in ratio 6:1 in order to eliminate the bacteria in the gums. Apply a little on the index finger and rub your gums.

Teeth whitener

Mix strawberry and half and tsp of baking soda and apply it on the teeth. Let it stay for five minutes and then, brush the teeth as usual and rinse well. Do this treatment once a week.

Natural cleanser

Baking soda is great cleanser for your home. Mix baking soda, ACV and water and cleanse the silver ware, cutlery, toys, pans, grill and the bathroom. You can also use it as fabric softener and whitener. It can also clean the carpets, just sprinkle some on the carpet and let it for fifteen minutes. You can also clean the vegetables too, in order to clean all the dirt.