How To Improve Our Hair Health By Using Fenugreek Seeds

Has it been your life long worry to deal with hair loss? Great news is that you do not have to search far and wide, the thing you need just might be sitting on your spice cabinet– the fenugreek, Used in the spice blend garam masala, also known as Greek hay is a tasty and aromatic herb. Little do most people know that when used as a cosmetic, it can manage hair loss.

Hair loss is something that happens to everyone, We actually shed 50 to 100 strand of hair on a daily basis. This is the normal figure but might be worsen with various factors such as stress, pregnancy or prescribed medication. Another cause might be from the treatment you apply to your hair, brushing your hair frequently or dying your hair regularly or through the process of bleaching can also lead to shedding and breaking. You might have tried tons of commercial hair growth products but did virtually nothing to help you with the case.The problem is, its common ingredient called minodoxil is a kind of chemical that prevents hair loss can also be associated for adverse effects such as itching, scaling, dermatitis and swelling. It’s simply a case of trading one problem for another. The natural properties found in fenugreek seems to be a wiser choice instead of covering your head with harsh toxins. There is definitely a reason why it has been used as a traditional medicine since ancient times. So here’s a list of the things on how using fenugreek as a part of your hair routine can benefit you.

How Fenugreek Helps Hair Loss

Fights Dandruff

Even if you want to stop your self from doing so, dandruff can make you scratch your head like mad crazy. This will result to your hair breaking and falling out. Just think of how much damage one scratch can cause. Now, think about constant scratching. You can definitely blame this on the bacteria and fungi. To be honest we all have dandruff and that they all thrive on the scalp, however, it is the imbalance that leads to dandruff. Fortunately, both antibacterial and anti fungal properties can be found in fenugreek. This makes itchy scalp be tamed until eventually ease the itch entirely.

Soothes Irritation

Another sign of dandruff is inflammation. Too it is a bit difficult to control as the cold weather can also cause irritation just like minoxidil. You can cross out inflammation with fenugreek’s anti-inflammatory properties.If you are suffering especially with a annoying condition such as dermatitis on the scalp, you should definitely give the fenugreek a go.

Protects Skin

You might have forgotten but scalp is still a part of our skin. So if you think about it, anything that nourishes your skin also helps the scalp. This is essential to know especially as we age, our skin thins out. A study from Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, back in 2015 shows that fenugreek also contains anti- aging effects. How? It actually contains rich dose of antioxidants which makes skin cells be stay on their peak for a longer time. This might come as a shock but fenugreek might be the missing item in your beauty routine.

Using Fenugreek For Hair Loss

Traditionally, fenugreek seeds are soaked overnight before using. This is believed to naturally bring out its maximum benefits!

Fenugreek Hair Mask

Keep it sweet and simple with this basic hair mask. To store the leftover, place it in an amber jar and store it in a cool, dry place.

This is a very sweet and simple way to make a basic hair mask, just the way you want it to be!

Also, store the leftoverin an amber jar and store it in a cool, dry place.

Soak 2 tablespoons of fenugreek in just enough amount of water to cover it.

Let it sit overnight.

Turn the seeds into paste by grinding it with the same water where you soaked it.

Massage the paste into your roots.

After 20 minutes, rinse out as usual.

Fenugreek And Peppermint Hair Mask

Hair growth also depends on adequate circulation and blood flow. To give it a boost, use peppermint oil. It’s been shown to extend the anagen phase, the growing phase of hair.8

Prepare the hair mask above.

Add 5 drops of peppermint essential oil.

Stir well and apply it to your hair as usual.

Something good to know; hair growth also relies on good proper amount of circulation and blood flow. Through the use of peppermint to give it a boost. It’s been discovered to extend the growing phase of hair called the anagen phase.

You can do this by simply preparing the hair mask done above.

Simply add 5 drops of peppermint essential oil.

Mix it well and apply to your hair the usual way.

Fenugreek And Coconut Milk Hair Mask

If dry and irritated scalp is your worry, you can always rely on coconut milk to add moisture and stops the hair from breaking. Coconut’s milk antibacterial and antifungal properties will definitely lend a hand.

Grind 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds into a powder.

Mix it with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.

Massage the paste into your roots.

After 20 minutes, rinse it out.

It’s important, however to do a patch test on your neck or arm before trying out these hair mask mixtures. Check signs of any irritation. If your skin acts up, avoid using the mask.

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