10 Secrets and Shocking uses of Baby Powder

As we all know using baby powder can be useful equipment for the self-grooming to each of you.
It contains a hygienic improvement for a fresher and eliminates the oil in our face.

Surely, you always had baby powder on your house or bringing one of it whenever you go.
However, you must stop using it if you have an allergic reaction towards it.

Here the are Ten helpful actions to be done by the use of the baby powder:

1. It Keeps Away Disgusting Ants, Or We Can Say It Can Be Used As A Repellent.

If you saw that there are a lot of ants in your house, it is advised to sprinkle baby powder on your doors and windows to makes a hindrance for ants not to cross to it.

2. Use Baby Powder As Deodorant

You may use baby powder as an alternative deodorant because it can swallow odor and sweat due to its moisturizing features.

3. It Can Be Used As Dry Shampoo

If you wanted to cleanse a greasy hair, it is advised to do the combination of 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup of baby powder. Put the mixture on your hair and gently massage it and let it stay in your hair for a couple of minutes.

4. Jewelry De-Tangler

You must sprinkle the baby powder on the knot for you to easily remove it tangles.

5. Sand Remover

Sprinkling baby powder on your feet can remove the sand in your feet. The sand will off along with the baby powder when you brush it again.

6. Summer Sheets Coolant

Sprinkling baby powder to your sheets to maintain their freshness all throughout the night. This method can absorb sweat so you need to worry waking up drenched.

7. Playing Cards Freshener

Put the playing cards along with the baby powder in a plastic bag. You should shake and remove it. You will be shocked at the outcome of it where the cards are already smooth when touching it.

8. Rubber Glove Lubricant

Sprinkle the baby powder in your hands to make it easier for you to put the rubber gloves in your hand.

9. Flower Protectant.

Sprinkle the roots and bulbs of flowers by baby powder before you plant them. This will stop the flowers to have a rotten smell.

10. Grease Stain Remover

Sprinkle the baby powder on the area where is grease placed and then rub it by the use of alcohol.

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