There are times that you can see small details that prove whether your partner feels the same way for you. These little details can proof the things that you don't want to accept which is the love of your partner to you was slowly fading.

This little information was important to a relationship because you can able to know whether the relationship of you and your partner will last or you will be going to break soon.

Here are the 10 signs that can help you to know if your partner still feels the same way about you.

1. No longer demonstrate love before.

If you see that your partner doesn't have that interest to you unlike before and all he does was attempting to fascinate others, then you should start to let him/her go because the love there was already gone. The only thing that you can do to this problem was to love yourself.

2. Always thinking of something else

If you saw your partner who doesn't give that interest to you that much and his/her mind was in somewhere else, you should think what will you do next.

3. No conversation topics

Both of you are no longer interested in each other if the two of you does not have the usual topics to talks about. We recommend you break up with your partner.

4. Your partner always blames you for everything that happens

You just broke up with your partner if he/she was always blaming you for everything that happens.

5. You no longer support each other

Your partner sometimes doesn't have to be with you, they also easily get mand and mistreats you and showing that you are not good enough for them, you should need to leave them because you deserve better.

6. Always has an excuse for not being at home

Is your partner was always on business trips, playing games, working, drinking along with his friends, and traveling and never invites you to go with them? This is only a sign that he no longer loves you so dearly and he might have another woman in his life.

7. You are no longer in your partner's plans

If your partner no longer includes you in his/her plans in life in the future, you should break up with him/her.

8. Your partner is disrespectful towards you

Is your partner already forget the good memories that you spent together and they only remembers those times that made you suffer? If that the case, your attempting to fix the relationship was already useless and you need to end it off quickly.

9. He/she does not give you any explanations

If you notice that your partner didn't give you an explanation in some things that he does, it simply means that you are no longer important to him.

10. You hate and you hurt yourself

When he makes you feel that you are not worth it and hurting you by lying, cheating, not talking to you for a couple of days, and not saying everything that has happened to him. You should know that his love for you was already over. Leave him and love yourself because you deserve it and you deserve someone better than him.

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