12 Signs You Need More Magnesium

Magnesium can be discovered on kinds of food that were important in human health, improving and controlling nerves, muscles, and healthy bones. Many people didn't satisfy the magnesium that they take on their diet.

Many people especially men whose age ranges 70-year-old was the most people who were experiencing the lack of magnesium. Here are the 12 categories that you must consider to get a check on your magnesium level.

1. Low energy

Magnesium is related to about 400 chemical reactions and many things we're doing in the energy generation.

2. Twitching or cramping

Muscles will be always in the condition of contraction without getting any magnesium.

3. Frequent headaches

Lack of magnesium can cause blood vessels to lessen serotonin lives and affects neurotransmitter function, to all kinds of headaches, especially migraines. It is said that those people who were suffering migraines have a magnesium deficiency.

4. Insomnia

You may have low levels of magnesium, especially you are suffering to stress and if you were having difficulties to form a sleep. The stress hormones can enhance heart rate and blood pressure.

5. Irregular heartbeat

The heart will be having difficulties to stay in its regular rhythm when you have a low magnesium level. Doctors will give magnesium supplements to those people who have to experience irregular heartbeat.

6. Increased sensitivity to noise

According to Hoffman, having inadequate magnesium can stabilize the role of the nervous system. This usually increases startle reflex or an outcome in hyperreflexia.

7. Seizures

Seizures can cause damage to the nervous system because of magnesium deficiency.

8. Low bone density

Magnesium is important in strengthening and producing magnesium. And the magnesium of the body will deposit on the structural formation of bones. Those people might have a higher bone mineral density if they have a higher input of magnesium.

9. Constipation

Lack in magnesium can cause bowel movements to slow down. Magnesium is the primary ingredient in a lot of laxatives that can buy in the pharmacy.

10. High blood pressure

Lacking in magnesium can cause the pressure to be too high.

11. Type 2 diabetes

Those people have a lower risk of forming diabetes when they consuming higher amounts of magnesium.

12. Depression, anxiety, confusion, or personality changes

Having a magnesium deficiency can affect the neurological function which can cause some difficulties.

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