Are You Ready For The April Pink Full Moon?

The Pink Moon will show this April 11, 2017. Here, we will give you some details about the folklores, truth, and amazing thing that can occur if this Pink Moon will shows.

The appearance of Pink Full moon will show in various places and countries which makes the Sky Enthusiast or Observant happy.

According to the phase of Moon this month of April that the best for various activities that can be done is the following:

For Planting:

Crops are great for April 2, 4, and 30 above the ground. Meanwhile, crops are best on April 12, 13, 22, and 23 below the ground.

For Setting Eggs: It is great on April 9, 10, 18, 19.

For Fishing: It is great on April 1 to 11 and April 26 to 30.

Meanwhile, many online users have some questions regarding this lunar treat.

Here are some questions that were thrown by some anonymous:

1. Why is it called the pink full moon? Is this some sort of blood reference?

No. Each kind of moon has its own form and they also have various names based on the different native calendars.

2. Does this only mean that the moon is a feminine?

It still depends on the beliefs and tradition of groups, religions, and society of people where they belong. Just like for instance, for French, they called it as a Feminine while in German and Sanskrit they thought it is Masculine. However, for those English people, they decided what it is on their own belief.

3. Will this full moon change all the wrong in my life?

This Pink full moon doesn't affect you nor your destiny because you the are the person or the one that can control inside of you.

Seeing a full moon is really great because it allows us to see how beautiful the world is with the help of the reflection of the sky which it also wanted to say to us that life is eternal, it doesn't have a boundary. Life always has a new start just how the full moon changes into a new moon. It also teaches us that every day of our life was not always a bad day, our life has a reason and it is really beautiful.

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