Do You Have Weak Nails? frequent Leg Cramps? Here's What You Need To Know.

Our parents always saying to us to drink milk so we can have strong bones when we were still a child. But those adults especially ladies didn't know the advantages of having enough calcium in the body.

Men and women age ranges to 19-50 should have 1,000 milligrams of calcium.

Those women who age 51 years old must take 1,200 milligrams of calcium and men who were 71 years old must do what the women will do.

Lack of calcium can become a severe problem and was harmful to our body. Experts stated that those people who are in a diet can cause their body to clear the hormone called PTH due to their low calcium.

PTH can lessen the bone tissue that was balancing the calcium level in the blood. You might have osteoporosis if you lack in calcium.

Here are the lists of signs and visible symptoms that you will see:

1. Experiencing Leg Cramps

It can cause spasm and joints when the calcium removed from the body. This is the reason why we experience night cramps in quads, hamstrings, and calves.

2. Numbness

The numbness that we can feel to our feet and hands was tingling.

3. Tooth cavities

It will begin to get calcium on various areas of your body like teeth due to its plenty of calcium when your body didn't obtain enough calcium on foods. It can damage your teeth which you can obtain cavities.

4. Peeling nails

You may not be taking enough calcium if your nails were peeling. Develop taking calcium.  Change the food you eat with green vegetables and fortified foods.

5. Difficulty sleeping

When the body was in a deep sleep, the calcium levels increases and it can help to create the sleep hormone melatonin. You are a lack of calcium deficiency if you are having a hard time to sleep.

6. Humped posture

The body replies by slanting when the bones got weaker because of the lack of calcium. You can observe that you were feeling pain in your back and neck.

7. Memory loss

One of the signs that you are the lack of calcium was memory loss and hallucinations.

8. Seizures

Lack of calcium can make healthy people breakdown or have seizures.

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