Don't Ignore These Common Symptoms of a Potentially Dangerous Blood Clot

Experiencing blood clot can cause damage to our health. The blood clot can make the body stops bleeding and how it reacts.

You may see the blood clot forming as a scabbing and bruising on the outside part of the skin.

There are chances that you get a heart attack, stroke, and some severe medical conditions whenever this type of problem occurred. You must go to the doctor instantly.

Here are the lists of symptoms when someone is already suffering to a blood cloth:

1. Shortness of inhaling air

Having a hard time in breathing, abnormal heart rate, fluttering in chest and dizziness are one of the symptoms that you have a blood cloth. One of these signs needed to rush and have a test on the doctor.

2. An unexplained cough

This will affect your chest, breathing, and heart rate if you experience cough for no reason. Go to an expert or medical practitioner when you see some of these symptoms.

3. Red streaks on your kin

Wounds and bruise can be caused by a blood clot. It is not a normal wound if you see red streaks pointing where veins are because this would be a blood clot. Go to your doctor and conduct a test instantly.

4. Chest pain with deep breathing

You may be suffering on a blood clot in your lungs if you suffering these signs together. Go to your doctor and seek medical attention quickly because this blood clot can be fatal.

5. Swelling in one limb

This sign is also called a deep vein thrombosis which can stop the blood to flow in the circulation system. Deep Vein Thrombosis can be harmful due to stopping the oxygen to reach on the vital organs.

6. Leg pain or tenderness

Tenderness or pain in the leg is one of the signs of Deep Vein Thrombosis. This pain can sometimes a cramp or Charley horse.

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