Her House Always Has a Fresh and Nice Smell. People Didn't Know Why. This Is the Secret

Surely, most of the people wanted to have a nice smell on their house especially if they have visitors. Some think that having a bad smell on your house can be embarrassing to your visitors. But didn't you know that you can do your own freshener spray?

This DIY method that we will present to you can help to have your house will have a fragrant smell. Doing this can makes you amazed and impressed because of what this DIY technique did.

You will be shocked to attempt to do this method. This was easy to do and can perform quickly. You just need to create a Do-It-Yourself sprayer for some things in your homes like blankets, carpets, sofa, fan, curtains, and other stuff in your house.

This method was also not expensive and was affordable. You didn't need to spend too much money by just having a spray that will make your house to have a fragrant smell. It is also easy to create because of the ability of it to deodorize your house. It is also safe because it doesn't contain toxic chemicals.

You just needed to prepare three things for the Homemade Air Refreshener. You need baking soda, water, and detergent.

The ingredient you needed to prepare:

One-fourth cup of any detergent products that has a decent smell
Three cups of water
Five tablespoons of baking soda
A Pot

The preparation on how to do it:

Place the one-fourth cup of detergent on the tub and combined the tablespoons of baking soda. After that, mix the three cups of boiling water and combined it all. The outcome of it will melt the mixture after you get all of this method. You must prepare a spray bottle and placed the finished product there. Now, you can have and enjoy your freshener spray. You can freely spray it on your house.

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