Here is How To Instantly Stop A Migraine With Salt and Lemon

As we all know, suffering in migraine was really annoying and excruciating. It is a kind of headache that normally appears in relation to a particular condition.

Migraine can also affect your mood and focus and can give you difficulties on the things that you wanted to do.

There are times that when you look at the sunlight it can already cause you an irritating pain.

Migraine pain usually caused eyesight blind spots, tingling sensation in the limbs, vomiting, light flashes, and nausea.

However, the only thing that we always do when we are suffering in migraine was to endure that pain that it brought to us because we think that it was not possible to heal due to the inadequate focus that we have that's why we can't think clearly on what should we do.

Doctors can give you a drug medicine to this, however, you can only feel a temporary relief and it also has a side effect that can make things worst.

Consuming medicine can lessen the pain or totally remove it but it will not last a lifetime because it will come back again.

We suggest to you that you must take a natural approach to remove your migraine. It is safe, incredible, and effective.

One of the bases of this remedy was salt. It is useful for healing different kinds of headache. It can help to lessen the pain of the migraine, develops immunity, and restore the alkaline and electrolyte that must be balanced in your system. Himalayan pink salt is one of the high-quality kinds of salt that you must take.

You must also prepare Lemons. Lemons can clean the form of Vitamin C and it is highly alkalizing.


One-half teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt
One-half slice of the whole lemon


Combine the ingredients in the glass of water. You must stir it well and after doing so, you can now enjoy drinking it!

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