Here Is How To Reduce Hypertension or High Blood Pressure At Home!

People always getting unavoidable illness whether it s a chronic or basic disease as they grow older. One of the most common illness that suffered by many people is high blood pressure.

High blood pressure can be caused by a sign of aging, thyroid illness, sudden weight gain, genetical inherited, and thyroid disorders. This disease also called as a "silent k1ller."

Regularly checking your blood pressure can be prevention to this. Normal blood pressure is ranges to 120 over 80. The number 120 was the measurement of the heartbeat while the 80 number was the measure of the resting heart's pressure.

This can cause different problems and distribute the bad effects that hypertension can contribute if you allow this type of condition to stay on your body.

This illness sometimes incurable and normally chronic and it has a huge contribution to the profit of Pharmaceutical Companies and Drug Distributor Companies due to it can be sell to those people who were suffering on the high blood pressure because they needed the product or the maintenance for treating and controlling high blood pressure.

Here are the lists on how to control your blood pressure:

1. It is suggested to address potential weight problems for those people who were attempting to control their blood pressure. It is important to eat anti-inflammatory foods like lean fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats and you must develop physical activity.

2. You must lower take sodium because it can enhance the blood volume and the salt retains body fluids. Lessening eating salty snacks such as chips, crackers, and nuts and choose to take mineral-rich and natural salts like Himalayan and Celtic. One of the effects of cardiovascular health were consuming alcohol and smoking. They can add stress on the heart which causes hypertension and arterial hardening.

3. The body has a lot of mechanisms that can cause dangers. Rapid heartbeat is one of it which it can develop the blood flow and follow by the blood pressure. However, chronic stress and anxiety can be a big physiological impact of it.

Supplements or natural remedy that can control hypertension and enhance cardiovascular health are available in your home:

1. The COQ 10 is effective in reducing hypertension and its deficiency may cause high blood pressure.

2. The omega3 fatty acids can lower the triglyceride and blood pressure levels. They are found in walnuts, flaxseed, chia seeds, sardines, and salmon.

3. The hibiscus is used for many ailments, and research showed that it has a great impact on blood pressure.

4. Magnesium can help manage an irregular heartbeat and lower blood pressure.

5. Garlic can improve the health of the heart and lower the blood pressure. Its extract may work the best.

One of the worst feeling and condition that a person could suffer is hypertension because it can make you feel like you are dying and can make you feel dizzy.

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