How to Grow An Endless Supply of A Great Spice Turmeric

You can grow your own turmeric in your house, however, it needed a perfect soil, environment, care, and the pot that will hold this plant.

Growing turmeric doesn't only need partial sunlight. It will grow effortlessly without the use of inorganic fertilizer.

Turmeric normally grows about seven to eight months from planting its seeds until the harvest period of it. It has big green leaves and can grow about three or more feet tall whenever this plant became full grown.

Turmeric plant can thrive in warm, humid conditions, neutral soil just like ginger.

Buy a fresh turmeric rhizome to the market of a farmer or to your local organic health food store.

You can search it on a grocery store if you can't see on your community. Always remember to choose fresh rhizomes.

Split the finger rhizomes and every piece of it have two or three buds. Apply the soil in the pot.

Prepare two inches surface below on the soil with rhizomes. This should be bury facing upward.

You should put the pot in a warm and fine place and can get some sunlight.

Maintain the moisture of the soil particularly when the humidity of your house didn't get the needed temperature soil of turmeric plant. Also, to maintain the soil moisturized and healthy, use a spray bottle,

Turmeric can grows slowly. It takes about one month before you see the signs that it was growing. Patience is a must if you wanted to have turmeric on your own.

The harvest period of it was about seven to eight months so you should be patient when you wanted to grow this plant. You can get the turmeric if you see that the plant was beginning to bloom in the yellow color and the leaves were starting to dry out.

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