How To Use DIY (Do It Yourself) Castor Oil Packs for Liver Detox and Break Down Kidney Stones

Castor oil can be used as a natural treatment for a various disease like worms, colds, constipation, and fever.

Aside from that, Castor oil can help on the treatment for the removal of kidney stones and can detoxify the liver. It also has different health benefits.

Here are the lists of the health benefits of castor oil:

1. Boost the immune function

It stimulates lymphocyte production and develops the lymphatic drainage.

2. Boost blood flow

Castor oil can stop long-term health effects and efficacy on stimulating the circulation.

3. Relieve arthritis symptoms

Castor oil can lessen the arthritic pain in the joints.

4. Digestive health

Castor oil acts mild laxative, it can stop digestion problems, and can help to the detoxify the system.

5. Balance hormones

This oil offers different health benefits, enhance circulation, controls hormones, and cleans the blood.

6. Fight fungal infections

This oil can heal fungal infections. Put some tablespoons of heated castor oil on the affected area when it uses externally.

But always remember to choose a high-quality, cold-pressed, and pure castor oil if you want to do this remedy. And also, taking this for higher than a week, non-stop, was not advisable. You must first start with low dosages and slowly increasing them to a teaspoon for children and a tablespoon for adults. You can also combine this to a juice or milk.

But you must maintain your body hydrated by consuming a lot of water and fresh fruits,

Ingredients that you need:

High-quality castor oil
Washable spa body wrap
Wood flannel pad or cotton pad or cloth
Heat Pad
Lemon essential oil

Here the preparation on how to do the remedy:

Mix a few drops of the lemon essential to the castor oil and use it to moisten the flannel or cotton pad.

After doing so, apply that below on the ribcage, on the right side of the abdomen to detoxify the liver. Put the cotton pad on the part of the kidney if you will use the remedy to detoxify your kidney.

Close it by the use of the body wrap around the whole abdominal area and put the heating pad on the top of it. Lie down on bed and let the pack to stay there for about an hour.

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