In Our House, We Decided To Consume The Pineapple Peels and Don't Throw It Away. Here Is The Reason Why!

Pineapple contains seeds joining together. This incredible fruit also has broad properties. But do you know that you can use the whole fruit, the inside and outside of its body or pineapple peels and pineapple chunks?

Here are some details about this case:

Health and Nutritional Benefits of Pineapple Fruit

1. This fruit contains manganese and vitamin C. It also consists of bromelain and dietary fiber because it has enzymes.

2. It contains manganese which is useful to develop the antioxidant properties. It was created by vitamin B and thiamine which can enhance energy.

3. Pineapple doesn't have fats, cholesterol and it has very low sodium which is good for those people who were on a diet. One cup of Pineapple has 82 calories.

Good Health Reliance and Properties of Pineapples for the Body

1. It can be helpful for those people who have Osteoarthritis

Pineapple is helpful to heal osteoarthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

2. It can reduce the unexpected attack of Asthma

The beta carotene that pineapple has can be converted into vitamin A on the process of digestion. Some research said that beta-carotene can lessen asthma.

3. It allows the body to improve Fertility

Pineapple contains a lot of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, folic acid, copper, zinc, and beta-carotene. These vitamins can develop fertility in women and men.

4. Prevention of Eye Cataract and Clear your vision

Vitamin C has an important role in vision protection. Taking a higher Vitamin C can lessen the risk of cataracts.

5. It is good for the Heart

Vitamin C protects against heart illness. Based on some studies, Vitamin C has high amounts which lessen the risk to have coronary heart disease.

6. It has anti-cancer properties

Bromelain fights against cancer. Pineapple can help with chemotherapy to overcome cancer cell growth. It has beta-carotene which protects from colon and prostate cancer.

7. Anti-inflammatory for the body

Pineapple is the dietary source of bromelain. It can be seen on the whole fruit. It is an anti-inflammatory property which produced bromelain became helpful in lessening the pain and healing sports injuries.

Recipe and Preparation for Pineapple juice:


1 whole pineapple and its peeled skin
The sweetener or sugar for taste.
1 liter of filtered water


1. Wash the pineapple peel thoroughly.
2. Peel the Pineapple, Remove the shell and separate it from the other parts of Pineapple, use various plates or container for partition.
3. Next, is boil the shell together with pineapple chunks.
4. After boiling, let it cool down and dilute it with a liter of water. Add some sugar or sweetener to improve the taste.
5. Strain it into a pitcher or drinking glass then drink it.

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