Learn About the Benefits of Jin Shin Jyutsu

In Shin Jyutsu is a process for relieve in various diseases. It is also an alternative practice for medical treatment, in which every finger on our hands is connected to the various organ in our body. This type of method can help you to have an answer to various types of health problems. But what's more nice about this technique is you will not consume much of your time.

You must hold and rub your finger through the use of your other hand around 4-5 minutes. You also must take a deep breath because it might hurt your hand before doing the techniques. The whole process can consume about 4 minutes of your time.

This information that we will share is the relation of the human certain finger to your body organ where you must rub it to have a relief on a few signs of medical problems and personal emotion.

1. Thumb

The thumb is connected to organs like spleenwort and stomach. The signs of it are headaches, neurotic, skin disease, and stomach aches. The personal emotion that it has is anxiety and depression.

2. Index Finger

The index finger is linked with the organ that is inside of kidneys and urinary bladder. The physical signs of it are a toothache, digestion issues, back pain, and muscle pain. The personal emotion that it has are discontent, fear, and confusion.

3. Middle Finger

The middle finger is linked with the organs such as yolk bitter and liver. The physical signs of it are menstrual pain, headaches, and circulation problems. The personal emotion that it that can be lessened is lack of determination and irritable behavior.

4. Ring Finger

The ring finger is related to large intestine and lungs. The physical symptoms of it are skin diseases, asthma, and abnormality of digestion. The personal emotions of it are pessimism and sadness.

5. Pinkie Finger

The pinkie finger is connected to small intestine and heart. The physical symptoms of it are sore throat, bone illness, and heart problems. Thus, the emotions of it includes lack of self-confidence, nervousness, and anxiety.

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