List of Pinpoints in the Body that should Press to Sooth Headache

This article will present you the in information about the headache that you are experiencing because of various activities in your everyday life.

There are times that you will get medicine to lessen the pain that you were feeling in your head, however, it has a side effect that can make things worst. You must consume natural properties for removing headaches instead of using medicine that can only have a temporary effect.

Here is the list of suggested pressure points in the body for headache:

1. Third Eye Point or in between of your both eyebrows

The forehead is one of the most effective points for the lessening of headache. If you put pressure on the bridge of the nose it will hit on the forehead and you quickly get a relief according to the experts.

2. Welcome fragrance point or both sidelines of the nose

You can able to lessen the pain and control sinuses because of headache if you will put pressure on each side of your nostrils.

3. foot falling Tears

This is located about two inches below on the gap in fourth and fifth toes that can lessen migraines and various types of headaches.

4. Temporal Hairline Curve

This can be found on the edge of the head or temple. Rub it gently by the use of your finger and breath to ease the pain of the pressure.

5. Wind Screen or under the earlobe

You can able to feel relaxed and at ease when you find the pressure point below on your earlobe.

6, Bigger Rushing

The top of the foot within the webbing of the big and second toe can fight against fatigue, headaches, and hangovers.

7. Hoku Point or pressure point between two fingers

This pressure point can be found in the index finger and thumb which is good for removing the headache. This words on the different problem of migraines, shoulder pains, headache, and outer headaches.

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