Put a Clothespin on different areas of Your Ears For 30 Seconds. The Results Will totally Surprise You

Helen Chin Lui was popular to her incredible inventions and offering to reflexologists world saying,

"Our ears are composed of some completion from reflexes map of our body, it has lots of connectors and abundant equip with nerve endings through the central nervous system".

She was talking about the remarkable thing that can enhance your health and heals the problems in your body. Her inventions include placing some cloth pins or clip on the areas that are affected.

The 6 areas in our ear that we can place the cloth pins is totally related to our body organs. It can cause you to resolve health problems and it can also relax these areas.

The Top of the Ear's Curve

The ear is connected to the organs. Place some cloth pins in this area to lessen the pain whenever you feel discomfort or internal balance

The Earlobe

This area is connected to heart and head so it can help you with your heart health and can eliminate migraine and headaches.

The Upper-Middle Part of the Ear

This area will lessen the sore throat and sinusitis, it can help you fell asleep quickly, and can heal congestion

Just Above the Earlobe

This area is connected to the digestive system so it can help to enhance digestion, eliminates stomach pain, and stop such problems

The Upper Part Of The Ear

This area was connected on our shoulders and back which when doing some massage, it can help to lessen shoulder pain and by the use of the cloth pins, press it for about 1 minute each day.

Nothing will lose to you if you obey this method. Do this and maybe what you feel will less a bit. It is also safe and natural so you don't need to worry about everything.

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