Stop Buying Garlic. Here's Step-by-Step Guide To Growing An Endless Supply Of Garlic

You can purchase garlic in the market, however, you can grow one of it on your garden to have the quality that you are looking for.

Why is it suggested to grow your garlic?

It provides an extra tasty flavor on the dish. It also contains many health benefits that you can't obtain from other ingredients.

It provides you to develop your immunity, it allows to stop the different kinds of cancer enter in your body, and you can have a healthier cardiovascular system.

Non-organic garlic can have chemicals and do not sprout that's why you must plant organic cloves.

Here are the guidelines to grow garlic in your garden:

1. October was the month that you start planting garlic cloves before the ground will experience chills.

2. This can't apply to those people who wanted to grow garlic indoors.

3. The oil that you will be using should be fertile and loose. Apply two to three inches of organic matter on the top of the soil. The channels should be 6 inches apart.

4. Use the tiny cloves for your homemade recipe or in your meal. Then set aside the big one. Later on, plant the big cloves.

5. Place the cloves four inches apart and two inches deep.

6. Close the cloves with dirt and soil. Water it well and then placed some dead leaves on top of it.

7. You must fertilize the garlic that you planted in spring. When the soil was already dry and it is already an inch under the surface, you must water the soil. Trim the flowers to maintain the plant stronger.

8. When the garlic reaches about five to six green leaves, you can now enjoy to use it.

9. Allow it to be dry and hanged in a dry or cool area or you can take the fresh garlic quickly. The garlic should be in a well-ventilated and dark area.

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