The World’s most Number 1 Food against Heart Attack, Hypertension, Stroke, and Cholesterol

This article will present you the advantageous food to fight cholesterol, hypertension, stroke, and heart attack. This food is also known for its powerful benefits for healing.

Dates have the ability to relieve and eliminate said health problems. It can also boost the metabolism of your body and it has a lot of nutrients that add to your body.

1. This food known as dates are very rich in iron

Dates can help those people who are experiencing anemia. It is also very helpful for children and pregnant women. It is best when you take 150 grams of this incredible food that has 0.10 milligram of iron. You are advised to take 100 grams of iron every day. Iron is also advantageous on the red blood cells and hemoglobin that helped the flow the oxygen on the blood which means it has an ability to breathe easily.

2. Dates are good equipment in fighting diarrhea

Dates contain potassium which it is full of minerals that stop diarrhea and can relieve the intestines and belly flora.

3. Dates soothe constipation

Dates can also soothe diarrhea and constipation. You must let the dates stay over the night then consume it on the morning to develop good digestion.

4. Dates prevent strokes

As mentioned above that dates contains potassium which can enhance the nervous system and stop the stroke. And if you consume 400 mg potassium per day, you should not worry too much.

5. Dates regulate cholesterol

Dates are helpful on the regulation of unhealthy cholesterol or LDL because it prevents any blood clots and cleanses blood vessels.

6. Dates control body weight

You must take dates with an empty stomach to stop excessive fat. Since you have no cholesterol, it can control your body weight. But always remember that you must be careful about taking it because of it also plenty of sugar.

7. Dates regulate blood pressure

Those people who experiencing hypertension must consume more dates because this food doesn't have sodium but contains potassium. Eat 80 mg of magnesium and it can spread on the blood vessels that enhance the flow of the blood. Taking 370mg of magnesium are useful for lessening the blood pressure.

8. Dates strengthen the heart

You must soak the dates every night then stain it to any strainer on the morning. After doing so, you must move the seeds from the strainer. You can use a blender or eat the seeds.

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