This Drink Damages Your Bones From Internal But People Keep On Consuming It

One of our favorite products is sodas. We felt that our day was always incomplete if we don't consume soda. We are always looking for it and we can't able to eat if we don't have sodas near on us. We enjoyed drinking this because there are times that it can refresh our minds and some of us relieve their stress by drinking soda. However, despite the fact that we know that it was dangerous on our health, we still continuously consuming it every day.

But most of you surely don't know that we can occur severe disease on taking this. And this article will present you the dangerous effect on consuming this product. You must continue reading this to see the information about the disadvantage of consuming soda.

1. You Are Most Likely Prone To Osteoporosis

Soda contains caffeine and acid. Drinking soda can also stop you from absorbs calcium because it has plenty of phosphorus.

It can also lead to a bone breakdown when you take 350 mg of caffeine or 4 cups of coffee which you will lose calcium.

Taking a soda can lead you to have osteoporosis or illness which stops the perks of calcium.

2. More Vulnerability To Obesity

Soda can also make you gain weight. Soft drinks contain plenty of sugar which results in gaining weight. You will gain an additional pound each month if you were consuming soda every day.

3. Liver Damage

Drinking this product can cause a horrible effect on your health. You may acquire liver damage if you were drinking too many soft drinks which commonly occur to chronic alcoholics.

4. Tooth Decay

Sodas can develop tooth decay and can damage the beautiful smile of yours. Soda contains plenty of acids and it is also has a chemically contained substance that can possibly destroy your teeth.

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