When Somebody Will Try To Kiss Your Baby's Lips, Stop Them Immediately, Here is why:

Every parent in the world was taking good care of the health of their baby.

You must keep your baby away from the person who has a cold and coughs because the virus can be transmitted to your baby. You must always put alcohol and various disinfectant product when you go home and you passed some kids who have a cough and green viscous bits in the nose before touching your baby.

You must not let your kids go to the school which was infected by the usual colds. Don't allow others to kiss your kids because your baby might get germs which caused them to have a contagious virus. You also need to secure yourself by wearing a mask or consuming vitamins to enhance your immune system while you were taking care of the sick children.

It really makes the parents worried whenever their baby needed to send on the hospital.

A story entitled, UK Mom Claire Henderson which talks about the newborn baby girl named Brooke got a kiss on the mouth which caused the baby to stay in the hospital for five days which she gets herpes on the lips, chin, and cheeks. But the baby was fortunate because kissing the baby on their lips can acquire them to have a cold sore. There are various real stories that stated that there are many baby d1es after people kiss them directly on the lips due to the baby having a weak immune system. The lesson here is that you must keep the distance of the people to your body whenever people were having cold sores.

Each baby has its own strength and weakness which is depended on their immunity, they also have the right to improve and grow healthy. Keep in mind that you must say to those people who are sick and comes to your house to not go closer to your baby. We should also not judge those overprotective parents because they were only scared for the health of their baby.

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