Wrapped Ginger – Eliminates Mucus From Your Lungs In One Night And Cures Bad Cough

Having a cough was really difficult especially on your day-to-day routines. Kids are usually affected by this disease because they still have a weak immune system and they were not able to fight against cold.

Your doctor will surely prescribe you a cough syrup if you have a cough because they think that it was the best solution for it to be easily removed. But they never said to the parents that drinking medicine has long-term difficulties and negative effects.

The negative effects of it were sleeplessness, headache, and migraine. Meanwhile, researchers find out that dextromethorphan and codeine were the most common ingredients in cough syrup.

You must use natural ingredients that have similar other useful ingredients and raw honey which its more beneficial.  You need to mix the inner wrap and honey to stop the cough.


• 1tablespoon of fresh ginger or ginger powder
• raw honey
• olive oil
• flour

You also need adhesive tape, gauze, and napkins.

You need to mix the honey and flour. Then put olive oil and ginger then combine it again. Place the outcome of the combination on a napkin and then wrap the gauze around it.

The children should hold the wrap for three hours before they go to bed. Meanwhile, the adult can hold it overnight. However, you needed to know that ginger wrap can make you sweat than usual. The ginger, on the other hand, doesn't have any negative effects, however, it needs to be prepared well particularly to the children.

The story of Rachel Lim:

Rachel was using the ginger wrap on her kid and it was really having a nice outcome. She then used a tin foil and coconut oil and then place the ginger to it and mix it which changes the treatment.

Based on her narrated story that she shared online, her child coughs at night normally 2-3 hours. She then places the inner wrap on her baby and it had really a nice outcome.

She stated that her baby was now fine and doesn't cough. Nasal congestion also loses. This ginger wrap removed the cough of her baby for only 4 hours.

Honey and ginger can really help to remove some health problems. Right now, many people know about the benefits of ginger when using it.

Source: reflectionofmind.org

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