What Kind Of Woman Are You According To The Month In Which You Are Born

Check out the characteristics that you have based on the month where you were born:


Women who born in January can be ambitious, serious and conservative. They sometimes felt mad and nervous, however, when they were in a state like that, you will not be in their presence anymore. They don't want to show how they feel towards others that's why do not expect that they will open something from them. They allow people to approach them, those people who have a similar intellectual level as they have and those who can share their beliefs or thoughts about life.


Women who born in February have a difficult way of thinking. Not people can understand what they wanted to say. You must also have patience because they sometimes shift their moods. However, they are totally romantic! They will do everything for the sake of their partner. Those people who will deceive them will never see them again.


These ladies are cute but don't get them mad. They can able to tear everything apart when they were in an upset mood. However, they are loyal and faithful. Having a woman who born in March was a total pleasure. They have a charm and charisma that once people look at them, they will eventually hook to them. However, they will not easy to fall in love. They don't accept the tricks that the men did.


April ladies are diplomats. They easily communicate, however, there are times that they pity themselves. You must focus your attention to them. Most of the ladies who born in this month have a kind of terrible jealousy attitude, which if they were in that attitude, you must move away from them. However, April woman can make you the happiest man on the planet if you got their trust. They don't easily give their soul to anyone, they will give it to a person that they think they deserve.


These women were faithful and firm on their principles in life. They were also kind. But they can become dangerous to a man who will fall for them due to the mixture of a complex character. Men will never forget those women who were born in May.


Women born in June can be creative, communicative, and curious women. But there are times that they can hurt others by their words and exaggerated on speaking. However, they thought what they were doing was right because, for them, it is better to be told the truth in front of the people rather than talks them from behind. They will not hurt if they will gonna think what they gonna say before saying it. They were dangerous players when it comes to love.

July ladies don't let anyone get near to them and they were a mysterious one. However, they were smart, beautiful, and a higher level than the rest. They also honest and never boast or brag something about them. They were respectful to everyone and doesn't want to have conflicts with others. However, the biggest mistake that you will do to the women who borns in this month was to cheat on them because you might lose them forever.


These ladies have a mixture of being egoism and having a good heart. You should not mess with them because they gonna win on the end. They don't allow anyone to betray them in spite of being happy with a sense of humor. They will never ask for the attention of the men and they wanted to be in the spotlight always.


September ladies are kind, beautiful, and discipline however, once you mock them, they will never forgive what you have done to them. So, you must be careful when you hurt them because they will surely get revenge on you. They wanted to have a long relationship. They are not just the woman who willing to be a one night for men. However,  they have high standards when it comes to men and they have a standard of men that should follow. And the man will only go to win their heart if they already proved that they are deserving to have them. Their mind allows them to have a mistake while their hearts don't want.


These women are independent, have a demonstrate strength, and an iron character. However, they are emotional. There are times that they will cry in front of other people. They were intelligent and doesn't want to open their soul to anyone because they believe that people will abuse it. October woman has the strongest characters.


Women born in November wanted to be one step ahead to anyone. They quickly recognize what is lie and not. You must not play the feelings with these ladies because you might regret on the end. November ladies believe that you will never ask their opinion if you are letting yourself to hear the truth.


December ladies are too fast, impatient, and born with luck. They always get out on a problem. They know what they will do to change the mood. There are times people hurt them, but they still have a good heart and because God is always on their side and they will get what they deserve in the end.

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