A Natural Remedy For Arthritis and Joint Pains

Touch me not plant (Mimosa Pudica) is also known as "sensitive plant", shy plant, and shame plant. Most of its names come from the fact that exposure of its leaves to touch and light causes them to fold up. But the truth is that the plant is not really shy or bashful. 

Its leaves fold or shrink inwards as a “rapid plant movement” to protect itself from harmful elements in the environment like grazing animals. After a few minutes, its leaves will open again.

Touch-me-not plant has anti-infertility, antibacterial, antivenom, anticonvulsant, antidepressant, aphrodisiac, and anti-asthmatic properties as well as an emetic, sedative and tonic properties. In addition to this, it is also loaded with flavonoids, tannins, sterols, terpenoids, alkaloids, and fatty acids. Due to these, the plant has been used as an herbal medicine for various health problems.

How It Works Against Joint Pains And Arthritis

Touch me not plant has been traditionally used against stiff and aching joints and other conditions attributed to arthritis. More often than not, these age-related pains are caused by the high levels of uric acid in the body which causes solid crystals to form in the joints. But there are also times wherein bone pains are a result of tragic injuries. For these conditions, the touch-me-not plant possesses several anti-inflammatory properties that work best against pain and cures inflammation related to joints.

For this benefit, we simply need to make a paste out of the plant’s leaves and apply it directly to the joints. Leave it overnight and then wash off in the morning. With daily application, the pain and swelling of the joints will be reduced.

Also, a tea prepared from the roots of this plant is known to help treat bones and joint problems. For this method, we simply need to cut the root into small pieces and then pound and boil them. Drink the concoction while it’s still warm. For best results, the tea should be consumed twice a day for a period of five days.

Other Health Benefits Of Touch-Me-Not Plant

Helps treat diabetes

Helps treat jaundice

Helps treat diarrhea

For excessive bleeding during menstruation

For minor cuts and wounds

Helps treats hemorrhoids
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